Research, Internship and Volunteer Opportunities


Trinity prides itself on giving back to Dublin, and has numerous volunteering opportunities for students. Comprised of ten different campus groups, Trinity Volunteering is an umbrella student initiative that runs volunteering events on campus and in Dublin.

CASA-Dublin encourages all visiting students to engage in volunteering as a way to give back to their adopted city. Through student organizations such as Trinity VDP (Vincent de Paul), DU Amnesty, Trinity FLAC, the Trinity Cancer Society, Bridge 21, MOVE, Trinity Enactus and the Voluntary Tuition Programme, students can find a volunteering opportunity to suit their skills and interests.

To find out more information on Trinity Volunteering projects, visit Trinity's volunteering page.


Dublin is an ideal place to intern. It is known for its many arts and culture organizations, as well as its science and innovation. The city is home to the EU headquarters of many of the world’s leading companies, and Ireland was recently ranked as Europe’s most entrepreneurial country. Dublin's Docklands area is referred to as the ‘silicon docks’ because so many tech and engineering companies call the city home.