"We are at last being recognised as the indigenous people of this country whom must share in its future."

Dr Galarrwuy Yunupingu

Senior Gumatj Clan Leader, Traditional Landowner of Garma site
"Nurture your sense of self, who you are in your own eyes, not as seen through the eyes of others."

Julia Gillard

Australia's 27th and first female Prime Minister
"I have a conviction that it’s only when you are put at full stretch that you can realise your full potential."

Weary Dunlop

Australian surgeon, renowned for the compassionate medical care he provided to fellow prisoners of war during World War II
"It takes a great deal of courage and independence to decide to design your own image instead of the one that society rewards."

Germaine Greer

Writer and public intellectual
"The enormous power of science and technology means we can only go forward if future generations are to experience the levels of human well-being and benign environmental conditions we enjoy today. There is no going back. The past is a largely imagined, and irretrievable country."

Professor Peter Doherty

1996 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine
"You can change the world and you can make the world a better place. But it’s important to stay positive, to be thoughtful, to communicate clearly, and to have compassion."

Professor Marcia Langton

Foundation Chair in Australian Indigenous Studies, and Associate Provost, University of Melbourne
"The only people who lose their humanity are those who believe they have the right to render another human being powerless. They are the weak. To yield and not break, that is incredible strength."

Hannah Gadsby



One of the world’s most liveable cities, Melbourne, Australia is also one of its most multicultural. A cluster of exciting communities connected by public transport and bike paths, the University of Melbourne sits at the heart.

Australia’s best student city – a safe and vibrant metropolis offering world-class education, we are also located in a region which is rapidly becoming a hub for education, research and collaboration.

The University of Melbourne is a leading centre for higher education and research in the Asia-Pacific region. With strong research performance, excellence in teaching and learning and intellectual and social capital, the University is positioned with the world’s foremost institutions and currently ranked number 1 in Australia and number 31 in the world.

The University’s contribution to new knowledge and ideas has helped shape the City of Melbourne over the past 170 years. We are home to a vibrant medical precinct, a world-famous artistic community, a thriving start-up network, and urban and rural researchers whose cutting-edge work on sustainability will shape the future of our planet. Yet, we maintain a true sense of place, recognising the importance of the University’s relationship to the traditional owners of the land on which our six campuses stand.

The CASA-Melbourne program provides undergraduate students a unique opportunity for immersion into Australian culture. The University is home to students from over 130 countries and diversity and inclusiveness are attributes that enrich our broad community. CASA students will be studying, learning from and living alongside students from all backgrounds and cultures.

The CASA-Melbourne academic program explores the theme of Australia’s Place. A sense of place is of integral importance to the University: Melbourne’s place locally and globally, its history and future, Melbourne’s links to its indigenous communities, its connections to the city and its place in the Asia-Pacific region. The program will provide students a unique opportunity to understand Australian contemporary culture, reflecting on historical legacies and traditions in a modern and global context.

CASA-Melbourne students will engage in a week of academic orientation exploring these connections that includes seminars, field trips and independent research. Students will also be offered a range of activities throughout the semester designed to build on Australia’s Place.