"The artist, and particularly the poet, is always an anarchist in the best sense of the word. He must heed only the call that arises within him from three strong voices: the voice of death, with all its foreboding, the voice of love and the voice of art."

Federico García Lorca

"For, are there not in this garden wonders that God has made incomparable in their beauty?" - Translation of 14th century Arabic script found in the Alhambra's Courtyard of the Lions
"Si altas son las torres, el valor es alto;
venid por montañas, por mares y por campos.
Entraré en Granada,
entraré en Granada."

Rafael Alberti

"Campanas de amanecer, en Granada
Llegáis a mi corazón
y con desvelo de aldaba
Me golpeáis los sentidos,
Campanas de amanecer, en Granada,

Elena Martin Vivaldi

poet (1907-1998)
"Una vida sin literatura no es una vida humana."

Francisco Ayala

Premio Cervantes de Literatura 1991, Premio Príncipe de Asturias 1998 (1906-2009)
"En ninguna parte del mundo suena el paisaje como en Granada."

Manuel de Falla

"La música no puede ser racista. Miles Davis hizo un pedazo de saeta, Chick Corea ha hecho flamenco grande. Es que el arte para que sea arte tiene que ser universal."

Enrique Morente

cantaor flamenco
"Prefiero una libertad peligrosa que una servidumbre tranquila."

María Zambrano

essayist and philosopher
1988 Premio Cervantes de la Literatura (1904-1991)
"El recuerdo de mi suplicio hará más por nuestra causa que todas las banderas del mundo."

Mariana Pineda

Spanish liberal heroine, 1804-1831
"Granada, agua oculta que llora."

Manuel Machado

"¡Llora, Rey, llora sin duelo;
desespérate, Boabdil,
y ven en tu desconsuelo
a expirar bajo este cielo
que flota sobre el Genil!"
- Jose Zorilla"

Muhammad XII of Granada (Boabdil)


Alhambra Located in the southeast of Andalusia, at the foot of Sierra Nevada, Granada is a city of stunning beauty. With a Moorish legacy dating back centuries, the city's Muslim influence can still be felt throughout its streets and many historic monuments, quarters, gardens, and plazas - particularly as one ambles through the ancient streets in its oldest quarter, the Albaicín. In contrast with Muslim Granada are the Renaissance and Baroque areas of the Christian era. The artistic wealth of the city, combined with its vast cultural heritage, has inspired renowned poets, playwrights and musicians throughout the centuries. Today, Granada is a contrast between old and new, offering both rich historic sites - such as the Alhambra and the Generalife - and contemporary amenities. The area surrounding Granada also offers opportunities for activities beyond the city, including options to ski at one of Spain’s best resorts or enjoy the tropical climate and beautiful beaches of the nearby Mediterranean Sea.

The CASA-Granada program offers the opportunity for students at all levels of Spanish language proficiency to expand their horizons through a combination of rigorous academic studies, traditional immersion programming, and innovative experiential activities. Based at the University of Granada, one of Europe's oldest universities, the program offers four different academic tracks designed for students with various levels of Spanish proficiency. Depending on their level of Spanish, students are either placed at the University's Center for Modern Languages (CLM) or directly enroll in regular courses in a variety of disciplines at the University of Granada. In addition to the stellar academic program, CASA-Granada students can also take advantage of STEM research placements at the University of Granada and other internship opportunities, and can partake in cultural and social activities to assist them in better understanding the history and culture of Spain. The program's goal is for students to engage with the local and university communities in meaningful and collaborative ways that will have lasting implications for their formation as global citizens.

CASA-Granada inherits a long-standing, collegial relationship with the University of Granada, allowing students and faculty alike to feel especially supported by these close institutional ties and also benefit from the unique opportunities afforded to them. CASA-Granada is also committed to fostering and facilitating joint research and teaching projects between the Consortium schools and the prestigious University of Granada.