Trinity is well-known for its active student life, and education is not confined to the classroom. Student Life at Trinity brings together a diverse, curious and supportive community and culture. With 17,000 students from 122 countries, Trinity offers a multicultural and colorful environment and student experience.

Social life at Trinity is often based around organized activities. There are over 200 societies, sports clubs and publications, and clubs and societies define the social life on campus. Many Irish students go home to their families on the weekends, so mid-week events are essential to meeting other students. For many visiting students, participation in such activities is a huge part of their study abroad experience. Involvement in student organizations is not just a hobby; it plays an integral part in the Trinity educational ethos and allows students to engage in all of their interests. Trinity’s clubs, societies and sports clubs are known for being very welcoming, and visiting students are recommended to get involved in clubs and societies while abroad. While some societies are free, there is usually a small joining fee - anything from €1 to €10 for the bigger sports clubs.

In the fall, visiting students should attend Freshers Week in order to meet club members and join societies. There is also an activity fair in the spring where visiting students can join clubs.


Trinity's 120 Societies attract members from all over university. Societies range from arts, culture, politics and debating to gaming, advocacy and music. Trinity’s societies include ‘The Phil’ and ‘the Hist’ – the oldest debating societies in the world. Societies can vary greatly, from the Afro-Caribbean to the Zoology society. Full details of all the societies can be found on the Central Societies Committee website. Joining student societies is a great way to meet people outside the classroom.


Trinity College offers about 50 Sports Clubs in a range of disciplines, for both recreational athletes or elite competitors. Sport plays an important role in the University, promoting health and physical activity as well as intercultural dialogue. No matter what a student's sporting preference, they can find a club to suit them. All of Trinity’s sports clubs are welcoming, and all students have automatic access to Trinity's sports facilities — including multiple playing pitches, a boathouse on the River Liffey two miles from campus, and a state-of-the-art Sports Centre, which includes a fitness theater, a 25-meter swimming pool, an 11-meter high climbing wall, fitness classes and cycling studios. Information can be found here.

CASA Field Trips

In addition to clubs and societies, students will participate in carefully programmed academic field trips throughout the semester as part of the CASA-Trinity program. These activities offer students the opportunity to connect with, and continue to reflect upon, Ireland’s cultural heritage. Potential excursions include tours of both historic and modern sites within Dublin, and a theater or music performance at a local venue.

Global Room and Global Room Ambassadors

Trinity’s Global Room is a hub for international student activities and provides a space which fosters and encourages greater interaction between international students and the rest of the student body. The Global Room is run by Global Room Ambassadors, who are current or recently graduated students who are able to answer many practical day-to-day questions about being an international student at Trinity. From its popular events like American Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, and Puppy Day during exam times, to its screens with over 300 international TV channels, the Global Room is a great home away from home for international students at Trinity. The Global Room also runs a program called New 2 Dublin, which helps international students settle into life in Dublin.