Program Costs

Before coming to Barcelona, it is advisable that students plan out their anticipated expenses for the whole semester. The budget should take into account spending on food, transportation, cell phone charges, school materials, cultural and social activities, as well as independent travel.

The budget presented below is approximate and reflects a range of basic expenses that students should anticipate covering. It does not include estimates for personal independent travel outside of Barcelona nor for social activities, as these expenses will vary widely by individual student.

Unless otherwise noted, the amounts listed correspond to the entire semester (typically 4-4.5 months in the fall and 4.5-5.5 months in spring). Meal expenses will vary according to whether students enroll in the meal plan(s), purchase groceries and do their own cooking, eat out, or any combination thereof.

Program Fee (includes tuition, health & accident insurance, student services, cultural activities & excursions, etc.) Billed by home institution Refer to home institution Refer to home institution
Residence Hall Housing Fee (includes single room with private bath & shared kitchen, utilities, wifi, linens & towels & weekly cleaning service)* Billed by home institution $4,817 $6,775
Flexible Meal Bundle (per 10 meals) Direct Student Cost $ 95 (approx.) TBD
Flexible Meal Bundle (per 20 meals) Direct Student Cost $ 177 (approx.) TBD
5 Day Meal Plan (per month) Direct Student Cost $ 252 (approx.) TBD
7 Day Meal Plan (per month) Direct Student Cost $ 354 (approx.) TBD
Eating out (per meal) Direct Student Cost $ 15 - $ 40 $ 15 - $ 40
Groceries Direct Student Cost $ 1,050 - $2,100 $ 1,575 - $3,150
Personal Hygiene Direct Student Cost $ 215 $ 322
Books Direct Student Cost $210 $210
Phone (monthly rate) Direct Student Cost $ 50 - $120 $ 50 - $120
Daily Local Transport within the Barcelona area (train, bus and metro) Direct Student Cost $ 200 - 350 $ 200 - 350
Airfare (estimate varies based on departure location) Direct Student Cost $1,300 TBD
Visa fees** Direct Student Cost $160** $160**

*This amount will vary based on current FX rates.
**Visa Fees: Students may need to apply for a visa or register with the authorities upon arrival. Costs for processing of individual visas and registration range from $50 to $500, depending on the country and on the citizenship of the student.

Students should also bear in mind the following fees associated with a withdrawal from the program:

If you withdraw: You will be responsible for:
61+ days prior to the start of the program 0 % of housing cost
60 - 31 days prior to the start of the program 50 % of housing cost
30 - 1 day prior to the start of the program 75% of housing cost
Program start date or after 100% of housing cost