Facilities and Support

Academic Advising

Before the start of the semester, students are allocated an academic adviser in Barcelona. Via email and virtual meetings, the adviser helps the students to pre-select courses from the course offerings available at the four local institutions. Once on-site, students complete at least one in-person academic advising session before the start of classes. These sessions aim to guide students through the course selection process and find the best courses for their needs. Students must be in continuous contact with their home universities to confirm that the courses taken in Barcelona's universities can be transferred. Follow-up meetings are held throughout the semester to analyze students' academic performance in each course, detect any issues and determine the best course of action to take in order to achieve academic success.


CASA-Barcelona offers tutoring sessions with local students/professors throughout the semester. The main objective of these sessions is to help students acquire the skills and strategies necessary to succeed in the courses at the partner universities. The tutor also helps the students with preparation of written work and exams.


CASA-Barcelona Library

The CASA-Barcelona center has a small collection of reference books on the society and history of Catalonia and Spain. The student will find dictionaries, grammar books, and manuals used in the most popular courses taken by CASA-Barcelona students.

University Libraries

All the university libraries have their entire catalog online, which can be consulted via the specific university website or the unified University Union Catalog of Catalonia (CSUC) catalog: Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya.  In addition, the university libraries are open weekdays from 8:30am-9pm. During exam periods opening hours are much longer.

Public libraries

There is a network of public libraries throughout the city. The two nearest to the students' halls of residence are:

  • Fort Pienc
  • Vila Olímpica
    In order to borrow books from these libraries, students must present a valid ID and two passport-sized photographs.

Specialized bookstores

The manuals that are usually used in classes are often available in the university libraries and bookstores. In addition, each campus usually has its own specialist bookstore with discounts for students. Some of the bookstores that stand out for their specialization in university textbooks are the following: