Research, Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

Internships in Cuba are less common than in the United States, and it is not always possible to accommodate placements. However, CASA offers a variety of activities and help for interested students. These extracurricular activities may include community-based volunteer opportunities and working with Casa de las Américas on a project in one of their many branches of activities: publication, exhibitions, theatre, conferences, as well as other established institutions and novel initiatives. Students have also worked with Cuba’s premier academic journal Temas and On Cuba, one of todays most widely-read online news sources. Other community-based volunteer opportunities may be available. The earlier that a student communicates a specific interest to the CASA staff, the better the program may be able to help them find an interesting opportunity.

Teaching English

CASA students have the opportunity to teach beginning and advanced English Language classes for Casa de las Américas staff and collaborators.

Beyond the Sugar Curtain

CASA-Cuba collaborates with a Brown-based initiative to facilitate critical reflection on student experiences in Cuba to facilitate publications in Beyond the Sugar Curtain: Tracing Cuba-U.S. Connections (1959-Present), which seeks to contribute to a new age of diplomatic normalization by exploring the past and present of travel and encounter between the two nations. Against depictions of a ¨sugar curtain¨ or ¨emotional embargo,¨ this project features spaces and moments of connection in the post-1959 period, including but not limited to those between the United States and Cuba. From students to activists, family members and journalists, human ties have long defied political obstacles, bridging the material and affective barriers wrought by diplomatic isolation. Even in the most unpropitious circumstances, citizens of both countries have thus found room for mutual inspiration, productive disagreement, and even friendship and love.

Student-Led Research Trips

One weekend trip per semester is student-led. Students propose destinations for weekend study trips to explore different academic themes outside of Havana, and are responsible for making their travel arrangements with support from CASA staff. The student organized study trips (minimum two students) allow students to expand their knowledge of Cuba beyond the capital city of Havana.