Students will share living accommodations in a residence provided by Casa de las Américas or administered by Cuban families. All residences are safe, clean and secure, located in the Vedado district, within walking distance to Casa de las Américas and the University of Havana. Students will share ample double rooms with toilets and showers. Safe drinking water, breakfast and dinner will be provided. Students purchase lunch on their own. Laundry will be taken care of by each residence.

Students will be required to sign a written code of conduct for use of the residence. As part of the on-site orientation, students will be provided with clear instructions as to the importance of adhering to Cuban cultural and societal norms and to strictly abide by any and all Cuban policies governing their conduct as visitors to Cuba. Under no circumstances will students be granted permission for independent housing.

It is recommended that students budget approximately $5-$10 for mid-day meals taken outside of the guest residence.