Health and safety

Australia has a reputation as a safe place to live, with the streets and public spaces of Australian cities offering security and freedom. In fact, Australian cities have some of the lowest crime rates in the world. 

The country is generally a very safe place to live and study, but it is still important to be aware of the risks that exist. Following your common sense and government endorsed guidance will ensure you remain safe and healthy, whether you are handling emergencies, personal and home safety or natural elements such as sun, water and fire.

Health insurance

All CASA-Melbourne participants studying on a student visa must apply for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), from an approved Australian provider. (outlined earlier)

Health service

The University of Melbourne Health Service provides health care for University students, staff and their dependents. They offer experienced medical doctors and nurses with a depth of knowledge relevant to student medical issues. The Service provides excellent quality student centric health care to the University of Melbourne community, and a safe and welcoming environment. International students are welcome patients at the UoM Health Service. Doctors at the service can assist with any acute or chronic medical conditions you may experience.


In Australia you are required to purchase medication from a pharmacy, also known as a chemist, when you receive a prescription from your doctor. Not all medication is available in Australia. If you are currently taking prescription medication it is worth checking with your doctor to see if this medication is available in Australia.

Melbourne Dental Clinic

The Melbourne Dental Clinic is a comprehensive dental centre using state-of-the-art technology and the latest techniques to provide more accessible dental services based within the University. University of Melbourne staff and student card holders receive discounted rates for dental treatment.

Counselling and psychological services

The University of Melbourne Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides free, confidential, short-term professional counselling to currently enrolled students. CAPS also offers free workshops on a range of personal development, mental health and wellbeing issues each semester. Mental Health First Aid and other training programs are also available for students. Ask Counselling is an online tool for University of Melbourne students with personal questions about psychological and emotional issues.

Student equity and disability support

Student Equity and Disability Support provide services for students who need ongoing assistance with their studies. The University can make adjustments to your studies to help offset any disadvantage you might face. Study adjustments (sometimes referred to as reasonable or equitable adjustments) are changes to how subjects are taught and assessed. Adjustments are made on a case-by-case basis.

You can register by applying for special consideration for ongoing support. Registration is completely voluntary, and you can register at any time during your studies. However, it is recommended that you do so when enrolling in your course. Once you have registered for support, an Advisor will work with you to create an adjustment plan which suits your needs.

University policies vary country to country, so while the University works with every student to accommodate them as best they can, Melbourne may not be able to provide exactly the same accommodations as a student's home university (i.e. Australian vs US laws on extended time for student exams).

Emergency Services in Melbourne

In a life-threatening emergency dial 000.

University Security provides a 24-hour emergency response. If you have called emergency services, please call Security immediately afterwards so that access to the campus can be provided. For Emergency Police, Fire, Ambulance call: 000

University Security has blue phones around campus which connects straight through to them. They also provide security escorts (to car parks, public transport or accommodation) after hours. There is also a free University of Melbourne Unisafe app you can download to your phone via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

US Embassy Emergency Service

Telephone: (+61) 2 9373 9200

U.S. Consulate General in Melbourne

553 St Kilda Road
Melbourne, Victoria 3004
Phone: (+61) 3 9526 5900