Student life is intrinsic to the University of Melbourne.


There are currently over 200 clubs associated with the University of Melbourne. Clubs range from areas such as spiritual, cultural, and musical, through to political and specific special interests. There are also a vast number of faculty and course-related clubs which help students get to know people from within their courses.


There are plenty of options for you to get out and about at the University of Melbourne. Participation in regular physical activity helps improve your physical and mental wellbeing. MU Sport offers various recreation, fitness and sport programs, from athletics, swimming and the gym to yoga and pilates.

Museums and galleries

The University of Melbourne offers a wide range of museums and galleries exploring everything from contemporary art, classics and archaeology, medical and dental history, music and the sciences.

CASA field trips

In addition to clubs and societies, students will participate in carefully programmed academic field trips throughout the semester as part of the CASA-Melbourne program. These activities offer students the opportunity to connect with and continue to reflect upon the themes introduced in the orientation program, Australia’s Place.