New CASA Center in Seville

StudyCASA-Sevilla has its own program center and offices located in downtown Seville, easily reachable by public transportation or on foot. The location is attractive and convenient, directly across from some of the main university buildings (the Schools of Psychology, Economics, and Labor Relations).

AulaThe Schools of Geography and History and Philology are a fifteen-minute walk from the CASA Centro, and students can easily get between the two sites for classes.

The program center occupies the seventh floor of the Viapol Building. Its facilities include a classroom, a study area, a reception and offices for the program director and program coordinator.

AreaEstudio3The center serves as a focal point for various activities--studying, socializing, discussing concerns or issues with program staff members, and receiving mail. In addition, program courses, intercultural mentoring sessions, tutorials and lectures take place there.

Students must understand that this is a Spanish immersion program and should be prepared to speak Spanish at all times in the Center, and preferably in all contexts throughout the entire stay. Accordingly, there is a Spanish-only language pledge in the center that is strictly enforced by program staff and that students must sign.


VistasCalle Balbino Marrón 6, planta 6ª módulo 15
41018 Sevilla


Eva Infante Mora Director
Dr. Infante has been working for the program since 1997. She received a Master's degree from the University of Michigan and a Doctorate in Arabic Philology from the University of Seville. Among her responsibilities is to interface between CASA and the University of Seville — in particular with the Office of International Relations — and to supervise the planning and academic coordination of the program.

Luisa Álvarez-Ossorio Piñero Program Coordinator
Luisa has been working for the program since 1997. She has a degree in American History from the University of Seville. She is responsible for administrative and logistical issues such as student accommodation.

Bartolomé Miranda Díaz Cultural Mentor
Barto possesses a Doctorate in History and Bachelor of Art History from the University of Seville. He is responsible for the management and organization of all cultural activities (visits, trips, etc.), and teaches and tutors for the module, "Tourism, ethnography, religión and power."

Visiting Professor
This is a rotating position among professors from Cornell University and The University of Pennsylvania. The visiting professor not only teaches a class at CASA-Sevilla, but also advises the students and contributes to the dynamics of the program. The visiting professor also serves as a liaison between students' home universities and the University of Seville.