In order to participate in the CASA-Sevilla program, students must have completed at least five semesters of Spanish at the university level before arriving in Seville. Participants take a combination of courses offered at both the CASA-Sevilla Center and at the University of Seville. A typical semester course load includes the following:

  • Más allá de los estereotipos: Encuentros con la historia, sociedad, lengua y cultura de Sevilla course, which runs for several weeks before classes begin at the University of Seville and continues in a condensed form throughout the academic semester. It is required for all participants in their first semester.

  • One course, related to Spain or Latin America, taught at the CASA-Sevilla Center by a CASA consortium visiting professor.

  • Three courses taken directly at the University of Seville, where participants choose from a large variety of disciplines and are immersed with local students.

The program's Center is located in Seville's city center, with a classroom, computer lab, hundreds of books available for student use, and staff offices. One of the main buildings of the Universidad de Sevilla is a ten-minute walk from the CASA-Sevilla Center, and students can easily get between the two sites for classes.

The CASA-Sevilla program is a Spanish immersion program, and participants should be prepared to speak Spanish at all times throughout their stay in Seville. Accordingly, there is a Spanish-only language pledge that students must sign - it is strictly enforced by program staff in the Center and on program activities.