Many of the CASA-Brazil activities and excursions offered are an integral part of the Language Orientation and Cultural Pro-seminar. These activities include:

  • Shortly after arrival in Rio de Janeiro, students spend a weekend in the small village of Paraty where they have the opportunity to study and experience first-hand the environment of preserved colonial architecture and history.

  • A day trip to the town of Petropolis with a visit to the palace of the second Brazilian emperor, Dom Pedro II.

  • A day-long city tour around Rio de Janeiro with visits to the Sugarloaf and to the Corcovado Mountain.

  • Visits to the Republican Museum, to the Museum of the Indigenous People, to the Metropolitan Theater and to the Cultural Institute of Moreira Salles. The group will take a walk to the historical center of Rio de Janeiro with visits to the Pedra de Sal and to the Morro da Providencia.

  • One-week trip to Salvador (Bahia). Students undertake an intensive program of excursions and visits to historical and cultural sites of interest in the state capital of Bahia and surrounding areas. During the morning sessions, invited local specialists in the African heritage in Brazilian culture offer lectures at the ICR Institute.

The program also offers a series of lectures organized over the course of the semester as an important part of the Pro-seminar. These lectures are organized around a select topic that, appropriate for Brazil, transcends national boundaries and is part of a research collaboration across CASA Divisional Centers in Brazil, Chile and Spain. For 2022-23, the selected topic focuses on The Recovery of Historical Memory.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in non-credit bearing internship, volunteer, and research activities in Rio.