"Only one who is afraid of dying at the hands of the owner remains a slave."

Zumbi dos Palmares

last of the military leaders of the free society of Quilombo dos Palmares (1655-1695)
"It may sometimes feel as if we no longer have any stable points of reference to chart our way through the uncertainties of the world. But I am firmly convinced that a comprehensive strategy for security can and must be guided by upholding the rule of law and respecting human rights."

Sergio Vieira de Mello

United Nations diplomat, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to Iraq (1948-2003)
"O tráfico de pessoas é um tráfico de ilusões."

Dra. Cláudia Patricia
de Luna Silva

Human rights activist
"Democracy is not just a question of having a vote. It consists of strengthening each citizen's possibility and capacity to participate in the deliberations involved in life in society."

Fernando Henrique Cardoso

"Enthusiasm is everything. It must be taut and vibrating like a guitar string."


"Quando uma mulher de luta morre, todas nós morremos um pouco com ela."

Marielle Franco

Brazilian politician, feminist and human rights activist (1979-2018)
"A war can perhaps be won single-handedly. But peace - lasting peace - cannot be secured without the support of all."

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

CASA-Brazil has been temporarily paused for the Fall 2023 semester. Please contact Brown Office of Global Engagement at globalbrown@brown.edu for more details.


The CASA-Brazil program builds upon one of Brown University’s longest running study abroad programs, developed over thirty years ago in close collaboration with Brown’s Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. In its new and expanded iteration, CASA-Brazil harnesses the academic strengths and research ties to Brazil of the full Consortium membership to provide exceptional study abroad experiences to serious students. CASA’s key institutional partner is the Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC-Rio), Brazil’s premier private university, consistently ranked among the top universities in the country.

With some 15,000 students and 1,500 faculty members and researchers, PUC-Rio enjoys a reputation as one of the top research universities in Brazil. Students who participate in the CASA Brazil program enroll in courses across 26 departments organized in four academic centers: Theology and Human Sciences, Social Sciences, Science and Technology, and Biomedical Sciences.

CASA-Brazil’s selection of Rio de Janeiro as its program location is deliberate. As the second largest city in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s emotional and cultural center where, situated between beaches and a jutting mountain range, life is varied, culturally diverse and intense. PUC-Rio is located in Gávea, a charming and safe neighborhood. Several city bus lines pass by the university, and the Botanical Gardens and Leblon beach are within walking distance of the campus. CASA Brazil’s study center, at the Matteo Ricci Research Center, Estrada de Gávea, 50, is a vibrant intellectual space located in close proximity to PUC-Rio.

PUC-Rio ingressa, como única instituição brasileira, no Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad – CASA