CASA Historical Memory Fellowship Program

The Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad (CASA) invites participants from any of its eight Divisional Centers (Barcelona, Granada, Sevilla, La Habana, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and Dublin) to apply to the Historical Memory Fellowship program, an exciting opportunity for students and faculty to carry out individual or collaborative research on consequential topics that transcend national boundaries. The thematic topic from 2018 to 2023, Historical Memory, is universal and interdisciplinary, involving diverse specializations including literature, cinema, political science, history, sociology, anthropology, social psychology, forensics, law and archeology.

The concept of “historical memory” is sometimes expressed as “collective memory;” for political scientists, “the politics of memory” refers to the often-fluid ways in which individuals, societal and collective groups, and nations construct and identify with particular narratives about historical periods or events. Historical Memory is broadly conceived: examples of research carried out in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Spain may focus on their military dictatorships, civil conflicts and their consequences; in Cuba, work may address the Wars for Independence or the Revolution and their impact on contemporary Cuban identity; and in Ireland analysis may be carried out regarding the partition and its consequences for peace in the region. There is even room for a U.S. research dimension: some 160 years after the Civil War, the U.S. is still coming to terms with its implications on our history.

Each CASA location will designate up to five students as Historical Memory Fellows. The Fellows will carry out a research project (not for credit) in parallel with coursework and other activities. CASA intends to publish a selection of these papers on a yearly basis. In addition, the cohort of Historical Memory Fellows will convene in a common location mid-semester, and upon return in the United States. These exchanges and the published volume will underpin the project and provide participants with platforms for discussion and for presenting research findings. Any additional cost associated with travel to or engaging in activities related to the Historical Memory Fellowship will be covered by CASA.

Expectations of CASA Historical Memory Fellows

  • Prior to departure, fellows consider topics of historical importance in their destination country and, where possible, areas that they may be interested in exploring in a research project throughout the semester. Consider the role of collective and individual memory in the recording and presentation of history.
  • Upon arrival on site, if a Pro-Seminar is offered that covers historical memory as a topic — as its entire focus or as a unit within the course — students should enroll and be an active participant. Throughout the semester, participate in a study group and/or additional activities with Historical Memory Fellows. This may include a site visit to another city or country.
  • Throughout the semester, research the topic and write a final paper, either for the Pro-Seminar, for another relevant course in the local university, or as an enrichment project (approximately 20-25 pages). Fellows may seek guidance from the Resident Director or from faculty members from their home or host institutions. They may also consult a robust database of scholars working on the topic of Historical Memory. This project may be completed jointly with another CASA participant, local student, or local faculty member.
  • Upon return to the US, participate in a symposium where the Historical Memory Fellows from all CASA sites will be convened.

How to Apply for the CASA Historical Memory Fellowship

Applicants should submit a 500 word essay about their interest in historical memory, any coursework or experience they may have had with the topic (helpful but not required), and some possible particular areas for exploration within the topic at their CASA host site. Applications should be emailed to: Deadline for Fall 2019 Fellowship Applications: March 30, 2019.

For more information return to the Research Initiatives page or contact CASA.