Research, Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

Students interested in a practical engagement experience can utilize PUC-Rio’s Coordenação Central de Estágios e Serviços Profissionais (CCESP) to locate non-credit bearing internship and volunteer possibilities in and around Acari, Parque de Cidade, and Rocinha. PUC-Rio students can engage in activities such as health care, engineering, small community planning, and vocational education.

Past students have been involved with the following projects in and around Rio de Janeiro:

  • Providing care to underserved children at the Integrated Social Development Centre Vargem Grande, RJ;
  • Construction of a containment wall and involvement with an environmental education project at the Favela Rio das Pedras;
  • Revitalization of housing conditions in the Alto da Boa Vista (Tijuaçu, Fazendinha and Furnas);
  • Serving as translator for various social projects at the Translation Center for the Study of Social Exclusion

BRICS Policy Center

The BRICS Policy Center/Center for Studies and Research is a joint initiative of the Rio City Hall and PUC-Rio. A think tank established in 2010, the center has five research teams working on the following topics relevant to Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa: International Politics and the Multilateral Agenda; Development, Commerce, Finance and Investment; Technical Cooperation and Science and Technology; Urban Development and Sustainability; and Economic and Political Analysis. Past students have been involved in the coordination of workshops, colloquia, lectures, and seminars to debate relevant topics, allowing them to engage with recognized experts in their fields.