Students in all academic disciplines can participate in the CASA-Brazil program. The program consists of a required Language Orientation and Cultural Pro-seminar (3 semester hours), which takes place during the first four weeks in Rio, and the subsequent Semester Program (14-16 semester hours) completed at the top-ranked Pontifícia Universidade Católica. During the Pro-Seminar, students partake in lectures dealing with Brazilian Culture, History and Society; complete an Intensive Portuguese language course; and participate in local excursions — including a week-long intensive program trip to Bahia consisting of lectures and visits focusing on Afro-Bahian history and culture. Following the Pro-Seminar, CASA-Rio students directly enroll in PUC courses across 26 departments, which are organized in four academic centers: Theology and Human Sciences, Social Sciences, Science and Technology, and Biomedical Sciences. Direct enrollment courses can be found across many academic areas, including History, Anthropology, Literature, International Relations, Psychology, Political Science, Economics, Geography, Cultural Studies, Art History, Biology, Physics and Engineering. Students may also be required to take Portuguese as a Second Language alongside their direct enrollment courses, depending on their Portuguese proficiency level.